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There’s so many ways to pasta. Some may a classic spaghetti and meatballs others may prefer a cacio e pepe or vodka sauce, or going a little spicy with a fra diavolo.
However you like pasta, October 17 is a to be noted. On National Pasta , this versatile dish is celebrated and restaurants nationwide have some pretty exciting dishes to honor the mighty noodle.
Agnolotti Cacio e Pepe at Alice in New York City.
At Alice in New York City, homemade ravioli with Grand Cru Pecorino and fresh black pepper filing. “Agnolotti in Piedmont is typically prepared with meat. At Alice, we feature fresh, seasonal coastal Italian dishes, so there is no meat on the menu which added some creativity to our version of the dish. The result of our Agnolotti Cacio e Pepe is a dish where we revisit the classics and add a traditional Roman Cacao e Pepe twist where the pasta is prepared from scratch and is stuffed with cacio e pepe sauce so the flavors bursts in your mouth,” said co-owner Chef Riccardo Orfino.
Linguine At Paranza a Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas.
At Paranza at Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas, squid ink linguine with mixed seafood, Calabrian chili paste and bread crumbs. “The Squid Ink Linguine is now Paranza’s signature pasta. It perfectly combines coastal Italian cuisine with the bounty of Bahamian ingredients in this indulgent, spicy pasta dish finished with fresh seafood, Calabrian chili paste, and bread crumbs,” said Chef Michael White.
Whiteleg Prawn Risotto & San Diego Uni at Aphotic in San Francisco.
In Aphotic in San Francisco, prawn risotto with uni and crab head foam. “The Prawn Risotto dish on our menu highlights our partnership with TransparentSea farm out of Downey, California. The risotto is actually much more complex, having many layers of shellfish incorporated in the flavor profile of this dish. We cook the rice in a shellfish stock that will contain a number of shellfish that we commonly use in-house – like spot prawn, Dungeness crab, spiny lobster, etc. The rice is enriched with sea urchin butter, and dressed with a delicate foam made from aerated shellfish stock. We finish the dish with either fresh sea urchin roe, or brined spot prawn roe. This result is a decadent shellfish risotto of unparalleled luxury,” said Peter Hemsley, Chef-Owner of Aphotic.
Agnolotti at Bestia Mare in Franklin, Tennessee.
At Bestia Mare in Franklin, Tennessee, potato leek, crab, local corn, tomato fonduta, fine herbs, pecorino. “Agnolotti is one of my favorite filled/ravioli pastas to make that are small little pillows that are delicate and light if made properly. We serve ours at Bestia Mare with snow crab salty and savory flavor which pairs well with the sweetness of the butter sauce and corn. The reduced tomato sauce not only adds a pop of color to the dish but also adds a nice acidity along with the little lemon juice we add to help brighten up the dish. I like doing the potato-leek filling to help counterbalance all the flavors together but also to add a little rustic and simplicity twist to some slightly elevated ingredients,” said Frank Pullara, executive chef.
Cavatelli at Culaccino in Franklin, Tennessee.
At Culaccino in Franklin, Tennessee, slow braised oxtail ragu, sweet potato, rosemary, baby kale, and parmigiano. “This is a very rustic pasta dish made with a lot of love. We make the pasta dough with flour, house made ricotta, roasted sweet potato, egg and parmigiano and then roll it out, cut into two-inch strips and then one strip at a time, crank through a wooden dowel cavatelli pasta maker. The sauce is slowly braised for three hours with oxtail, aromatic vegetables, and herbs (onion, celery, carrot, rosemary, thyme), San Marzano tomatoes, red wine, and stock. Toss the cavatelli pasta with the ragu, roasted sweet potato to add a touch of sweetness and texture, baby kale to add a little touch of bitterness and then parmigiano to add a light creamy texture, as well as a little nutty note to the dish. This is a great fall and winter dish,” said Frank Pullara, executive chef.
Spaghetti Chitarra Alla Vaniglia at Sandro’s New York.
At Sandro’s New York, homemade egg pasta mixed with a Madagascar vanilla butter sauce. Topped with a slight dusting of vacche rosse Parmigiano. “This dish came out of cravings and creativity. My father and I were hungry and brainstorming a sweet/savory dessert pasta and started snacking on ingredients in the kitchen. We came across vanilla and decided to create a cream sauce. We added Vacche Rosse cheese which offers a creamy, complex flavor to enhance the flavor and resulted in our new favorite pasta. We had two half portions, then Sandro sized and it’s been a hit on the menu ever since,” said owner Sandro Fioriti Jr.
Limonamba Bucatini at Branja in Miami.
At Branja in Miami, Limonamba Bucatini is Branja’s version of a classic lemon pasta with an Israeli twist. It incorporates preserved lemon, preserved peppers, and amba paste, balancing the acidity and spiciness with the addition of honey, extra virgin olive oil, and crème fraiche. Branja uses bucatini specifically because its hollow center absorbs the sauce much better than other pasta shapes. Branja’s Chef Tom Aviv says: “The inspiration for this dish comes from our visits to local Israeli markets, which have stalls and stands for pickled ingredients like pepper, cucumbers, and radishes, and also organic honey, preserved grape leaves, and more special ingredients to cook with and be inspired by. We pulled ingredients that we were excited to try and cook with and created this pasta dish with flavors that play on spicy, bitter, sour and sweet to stimulate the entire palate.”
Squid Ink Tonnarelli at North Italia.
At North Italia, tiger shrimp, calamari, wild fennel pollen, mint, and spicy tomato broth. “I really love Tonnarelli, which mimics the classic Spaghetti alla Chitarra that is well known in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Tonnarelli differs from traditional Spaghetti because of its squared cross-section, whereas Spaghetti is round. This pairs perfectly with a tomato-based sauce because of its robust mouthfeel, plus it’s easy to eat. For our new fall menu, we’re elevating this pasta shape further by creating a squid ink version,” said North Italia’s Corporate Chef, Chris Curtiss.
Saffron Orzotto at Prohibition in Charleston.
At Prohibition in Charleston, Executive Chef and Co-Owner Greg Garrison traveled to Greece with his wife to their babymoon and brought some inspiration home with him. Garrison explains, “Of all of the dishes I enjoyed on the trip, I was particularly intrigued by the dishes that seemed to be influenced by Italian cuisine, or possibly lent influence to Italian cuisine. Orzotto is an Italian technique to replicate a risotto dish using orzo pasta instead of rice.” Upon return, Garrison immediately incorporated a Southern-interpretation of this vegetarian dish. Inspired by the heavy emphasis on vegetables in Greek cuisine, as well as the origins of saffron, he serves it with a saffron and white wine cream sauce that is finished with parmesan cheese and complemented with seasonal vegetables and herbs.
Veal Picatta & Pasta at Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro in Townsend, Tennessee.
At Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro in Townsend, Tennessee, Executive Chef Jeff Carter serves Crispy Sweetbreads over Italian Apron Pasta that is prepared with Benton’s Bacon, preserved lemon, fried capers and Mossy Creek mushrooms.
Pumpkin Ravioli at Nunzio.
At Nunzio by Chef Michael DeLone in Collingswood, New Jersey, this pumpkin ravioli is made with charcoal pasta, amaretto cream, toasted pepitas, and fried sage. “Most pumpkin dishes lean into sweetness with expected cinnamon and nutmeg spices. Our ravioli is surprising not only because the charcoal makes the pasta black but the dish is balanced with a savory base, a touch of sweetness is derived from the Amaretto Cream and crunch from the pepitas. Plus, it is a fun nod to the spooky season tasting .” says Chef Michael DeLone of Nunzio by Chef Michael DeLone.
Potato Gnocchi at The Americano in Atlanta.
At The Americano in Atlanta, potato gnocchi with black truffle, chives, peas and Parmigiano Reggiano. “A well executed gnocchi is light, airy and has a perfectly smooth, palatable, almost purée-like texture. The sophistication is evident in the first bite — add truffles, butter and parmigiano and it becomes ethereal. It’s hands down one of my favorite dishes; don’t let the simplicity fool you…it’s far from simple,” said Chef Scott Conant.
Truffle Orecchiette & Cheese at Mayor’s Table in Newport Beach, California.
At Mayor’s Table in Newport Beach, California, the Truffle Orecchiette & Cheese pasta at Mayor’s Table in Newport Beach marries hand-cut orecchiette pasta, Cabot cheddar, and black truffle. “Cabot cheddar and black truffle give this dish its elevated flavor profile, but the true craftsmanship comes from our handmade orecchiette pasta. This hand-cut pasta perfectly envelops the cheddar cream sauce, allowing each bite to tell a story of dedication to flavor, texture, and aroma. This dish is our ode to an American classic, elevated with bold yet simple ingredients,” said Chef-Partner Riley Huddleston.
Tagliatelle Pomodoro at Miel Restaurant in Nashville.
At Miel Restaurant in Nashville, tagliatelle pasta with pomodoro (tomato-based sauce), burrata and pesto Genovese. Chef Jason LaIacona says, “At Miel, we prioritize freshness in our seasonally inspired, ever-changing menu. With this summer’s abnormally hot weather, we still have tomatoes growing in heaps in our on-site garden which makes our Tagliatelle Pomodoro pasta dish the perfect transition into fall.”
moked Spaghetti Aglio e Olio via Chef Silvia Barban of LaRina Pastificio & Vino in Brooklyn.
Chef Silvia Barban of LaRina Pastificio & Vino in Brooklyn has a dish with housemade smoked spaghetti using Italian semolina flour, cooked in a sauce of garlic confit, Corto olive oil, Calabrian chilies. It is then finished with more pasta water and Corto olive oil to emulsify or mantecare. Topped with housemade focaccia breadcrumbs and crushed Piedmontese hazelnuts.
Raviolo al Uovo at bar56 in Brooklyn, New York.
At bar56 in Brooklyn, New York, the Raviolo al Uovo is freshly made in house and includes BKLYN Ricotta, Meadow Creek egg, guanciale and black pepper. “The Raviolo al Uovo is one of our most popular dishes at bar56 and was inspired by one of my favorite rustic Italian dishes, Pasta alla Carbonara. The result is an elevated, elegant pasta but still with a hint of La Cucina Povera nostalgia,” said Chef Vincent Cortese.
Squid Ink Trottole at Faccia a Faccia in Boston.
At Faccia a Faccia in Boston, Trottole is a beautiful pasta that originates from the region of Campania and directly translates to spinning head, due to the shape it forms in the pasta maker. Often referred to as “Vesuvio” in Italy, as the trottole is said to resemble the volcano in Naples. At Faccia a Faccia, they make their Squid Ink Trottole within a sauce made by melting down butter, leeks, Calabrian chilis, sun gold tomatoes and uni, locally sourced from Maine and topped with pangrattato. “I love our squid ink trottole. The brininess of the squid ink is and pairs well with the sweet Uni butter, melted leeks and Parmesan Reggiano. We add some toasted bread crumbs for crunch and a bit of Calabrian chili to give it some punch. The twirling shape of the trottole, which means top, catches the sauce perfectly. Makes for the perfect bite,” said Brian Rae, Executive Chef at Faccia a Faccia.
Cacio e Pepe Tteokbokki at Miss Kim in Ann Arbor.
At Miss Kim in Ann Arbor, this dish is made with sautéed rice cakes tossed in miso butter, freshly ground black pepper and really good parm, topped with just a bit of pickled red onions. “It’s an homage to ever evolving story of traditional Korean rice cake dish Tteokbokki, seen through Korean American and Roman lenses,” said Ji Hye Kim.
Garganelli Bolognese at Porter House in New York City.
At Porter House in New York City, a beautiful take on Garganelli Bolognese. “This classic is one of our most popular dishes. Our Bolognese sauce is made according to a traditional family recipe of mine that I’ve been refining over the years. Ground beef and veal and prosciutto are cooked with carrots, celery and onions, with chicken broth, white wine, tomato, and finished with milk. Cooking slowly for hours to extract all the flavor of each ingredient, the Bolognese sauce is finished with a bit of butter before tossing with pasta. We use an imported, artisanal pasta, made in small batches and extruded through bronze dies which leaves a fine, textured surface on the pasta, the better to hold the sauce. Manufactured in Abruzzo, Italy by fourth generation pasta makers whose methods, ancient grains and flour and careful production makes their unique shapes unforgettable. Most Bolognese is served with fresh pasta but I prefer how this dry pasta garganelli holds up under the hearty Bolognese sauce, holding the sauce in its fine grooves and creating a memorable meal,” said Chef Michael Lomonaco.


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