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Recently, I reviewed Fashion Dreamer. And I must admit, at first, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was I had to do. This time, you don’t manage a store, but there is still fun and distraction to be found. It’s easy to pick up for short gameplay sessions, and it’s extra fun when you can share it with people you “know” across the globe.
But if you have the same feeling at first, a feeling of “Is this it?” then maybe this guide can help you find the fun in the game. So read this Fashion Dreamer Guide to get you going once you have decided to buy the game. But don’t forget to check out my review before you do so!
You can make four different muses, giving them all a different look, body type and preference in colours and style of clothing.
The customization feature when you make your Muse is quite deep. The game uses two types: type A for a feminine form and type B for masculine. Some clothing items can be used for both types, but others are only for type A or B. For example, earrings and glasses are shared by both types, while skirts are just for type A and hoodies are just for type B. On the other hand, some of the recommended muses, once you have chosen to go for masculine, have feminine features.
At first, you work in solo mode and offline. The tutorial will guide you through what you need to know, but it’s a lot to keep up with. Not to worry, they are also saved in the form of Tips under +.
To me, the game took off after I could go online. From then on, I could still interact with muses in my Cocoon, but now I also met muses from other players in my world. And if, like me, you were wondering when starting the game what exactly the goal is, this is it: you build your brand by making lookits for in-game muses and muses of other players. You gain popularity by making sure you have a good selection of clothing items to use. Some you gather from other players, from showrooms and the pop-up areas. Other things you create yourself, or rather, you change the colours of items you unlock. All this with the ultimate goal to become an influencer.
While at first, the muses from the game itself (with the heart above their head) seem to say the same things over and over, their heart does go up like the animal lover Zuzu.
The profile of one of the in-game muses and her heart level of 2
She went up to level 2, and soon after, she appeared in my Showroom! Plus, these in-game muses might have an exclamation mark above their head. Talking to them then will lead to a surprise.
Zuzu is in my showroom, telling me everyone is buzzing about my hot item
When you make a lookit, you have access to your own inventory, plus the game has some quick picks for you. This comes in handy at the beginning of the game when you don’t have much clothing registered yet. You can ultimately have 5,000 pieces of clothing, which you can see at the right-hand top. Here, you can also see how many you have now.
My inventory of items. The count is on the left hand side on top, I had 213 items of the 5000 that I can store
You can favourite clothing items. This is helpful, especially since the filtering options are limited. For example, when you filter ‘bottom’, you get all skirts and all pants, despite the length. Sadly, you can’t filter on sort of fabric or colour. So, make favourite tabs: you can have 10 of those, and you can rename them.
You can make them by pressing + and choosing “Item Box”. Choose the item you want to favourite and press A for Register. This way, you could make a tab for each main colour. Or make tabs for skirts and for pants. When in the favourite tab, press + and you can change the name. Anyway, make it your own, but…you can only have 32 items per favorite tab.
While making a look, you can choose to tuck the top in or not by pressing the R button. It’s nice that this changes the entire look of things!
There are no necklaces, bracelets, watching, etc, in this game. Sometimes, a shirt comes with a necklace attached.
You can set one of your items to pop up all around Eve by pressing down on R. The clothing item is now labelled Hot Pick, and you might see people starting to like it around the Eve World. Netting you 10,000 stars for every like!
In the item creator, you can make the basic items that are available to everyone your own. To do this, you need stars and keys. Keys are used to unlock patterns. And stars are needed to change a standard pattern in your own colours. Depending on the sort of item and the rarity, changing the colour combination of a clothing item is.
During your gameplay, you collect colour palettes to use. At first, items let you only change one of the colours, like the dots in a t-shirt, but not the t-shirt itself. Later on, you can use the option Y to Edit All Colors. Choose the palette and keep pressing Y until you are happy with the combination. The game makes these combinations with the colour dots in the palette.
The item creator, showing a shirt that I can make in several palettes of colour
When you create an item like this yourself, your brand is attached to it. See the little bird in the lower right corner? Pressing ‘-‘ gives four suggestions, but that is not all! Press Y to edit, and you will see the image for your brand in three layers. For every layer, there are several options, like backdrops, images, frames and sample designs. Using this tool, you can make your own unique brand logo. And how cool is it to see your brand pop up worldwide?
The icons for a brand. There are four standard ones
The Showroom Stream is a great way to extend your catalogue of clothing items. You have three choices: the Your World Stream, the Following Stream and the Random Stream.  In the Your World Stream, you find the showrooms of muses you’ve met in Cocoons. They are the ones you may have seen in your Cocoon, the ones with a follower count above their heads.
My muse in the ACT cocoon in front of the room that has showroom streaming
As the name indicates, the Following Stream is for players you’ve followed, and the Random Stream is just that, random.
Notice that it’s a series of rooms in all three cases. Walk to the left or right, and you go to the next one through a sort of corridor. It’s a bit like a shopping mall while paying for nothing, just like everything you might want in your inventory.
In your own Showroom, you can put furniture or decorations to make it look nice. By using stars, you can unlock the furniture or wallpaper you want. But the main goal is to display your clothes. Put up mannequins, set out shelves and put clothes, shoes, hats, etc, on there that you want people to notice.
Pressing + and go to Your World, you will see other players around the world who have given you likes or who have created lookits for you. The ones you are following are depicted with a blue circle with white.
Press ‘-‘ on this screen, and it shows you the brand logos for the muses around you. But there are more things to see. Pressing ZL gives you filtering options, like according to the number of followers they have. The ones closest to your muse’s avatar have the highest number, and the ones further out have lower amounts.
You can also filter on Character Muses, which will show you the in-game muses and your relation to them. See Animal Lover Zuzu that I mentioned in the guide? She is indeed there, with level 2.
When you press + for Player Menu, you can pull up Your Profile. This shows the number of followers, the brand popularity and your User ID. Mine is wEXrjryWXL. Choosing Search for ID lets you follow another muse.
When you highlight a muse, you can request them to make an outfit for you by pressing X for request.
At first, when you are not playing online, you meet fictional muses in your Cocoon. They have a heart displayed above their head. Once you go online, you’ll also see another kind of muses in your Cocoons. They are the ones with a follower count above their heads. They, too, display info on what kind of style and colour they are looking for. And if you make an outfit for them, you automatically share that idea with them in their game.
They receive the outfit you made for them in their Lookit Mail. It’s the same as you receive them in your own Lookit Mail. You can see if an outfit is made for you because you appear in someone’s Cocoon as the package you have to unwrap says “Cocoon” or  “via request” is added. Your Lookit Mail can have 100 outfit ideas in there. When you open the present box, you see what someone else has made for you, likely based on your preferences. You can like the items all at once or choose which ones you want to like and have them added to your items.
Press ZR, and you get the option to send a Nice to the other player or a Thanks. The other player will get the message and gain stars from that. You can also see the profile of the player’s muse. You can then follow them or go to their showroom.
By pressing ZL when you are in the cocoon, you see several things. The photos you made and the lookits you created are there. Like on social media, you can pin the one that you want to bring to the attention of the world on top. When you get likes and followers from it, you gain stars.
Press the R shoulder, and you will see Feedback. These are the likes you have gotten from other players on your clothing items, on your showroom, etc. This is a great way to rake in the stars. For a like, you get 10,000! (It makes me wonder if the balance is off as pretty quickly it’s not a struggle anymore to create every item you want having so many stars).
Press R again, and you will see requests people have made for you to make a Lookit for them. And here’s where the fun begins! Checking what they would like and checking what you have in your items. And if you don’t have the exact item you have in mind, try to unlock the right pattern and find inspiration on the Pop Up Area. 
In the Pop Up Area, you can find out what’s trending from the Trend Boards. Of course, as nothing costs more than the click of the like button, it’s a great way to extend your item inventory to peruse the boards.
Listen to the Trend Forecaster, who will tell you about the latest fashion of that day. (Strange name, by the way, Shepher de Schnauzer…)
You might even find that if you make use of his tips, muses will be happier with the lookits you made for them, and posts with these trending items will make more likes.
In the Salon Area, you can change your muse’s appearance in the Muse Mirror and change the preferences, so like what colour your muse likes or what style. You can also use Muse Advisors to get recommendations about makeup and facial features.
Here, you will find the Photo Egg to take pictures with all kinds of backgrounds. In the Cocoon, you will also find the Photo Item Vending Machines, where you can buy things to use in the photos with coins.
My muse in from of the Photo Egg
Photos you make go directly to your Switch album as well
The Bingo game is okay, but after you go online, it’s really not needed. The likes give you so many stars pretty soon, you will never have a shortage.
Gatcha tickets are rare. Most of the time, you get Bingo tickets for making lookits, and on rare occasions, Gatcha tickets. The Gatcha Machines give you patterns, but it’s random…no influencing whether you get doubles.
My muse next to the Gatcha machine in Fashion Dreamer
Do you want to go for Fashion Dreamer? You can download it in the American Nintendo eShop, the UK Nintendo eShop or the Dutch Nintendo eShop.

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